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Ensamble Tropi is a Chamber music ensemble focused on new music repertoire. It originated in May 2008 and since then it has consolidated as one of the main Contemporary Music ensembles from Argentina recognized both by the audience and the specialized press, as well as developing an international projection.

Ensamble Tropi large repertoire spans from Argentinean and Latinamerican to International New Music. Also encourages and embraces the production of emerging composers through permanent commissions. Versatility is one of the outstanding traits of Ensamble Tropi, actively interacting with new technologies, chamber opera, instrumental theater, as well as other performing arts, besides traditional concert settings.

Ensamble Tropi premiered 23 works by Argentine major composers, dozens of works by young composers, as well as first auditions in Argentina of chamber works of Pierluigi Billone, Mark André, Rebecca Saunders, Chaya Czernowin, Salvatore Sciarrino, Mauricio Kagel, Eblis Álvarez, Niccolò Castiglioni, Simón Steen-Andersen, Marc Sabat.

Haydée Schvartz & Sebastián Tellado 

Artistic Directors

Haydée Schvartz 

Music Director

Juan Denari


Haydée Schvartz
HAYDEE 073.jpg

Haydée Schvartz 

Music Director

Considered one of the leading musicians in the Argentine scene,

Haydée Schvartz develops her activity as solo and chamber music performer in the classical

and contemporary music field. As a recipient of the Fulbright Scholarship she

obtained her Master's degree as a disciple of Yvar Mikhashoff at the State University of New York at Buffalo. She works regularly with composers from around the world and has premiered works, many of them specially dedicated to her.


She participated in festivals such as Edinburgh International, North American New Music Festival, World Music Days (Canada), International New Music Forum (Mexico), among others. Presented for the first time in Argentina and Mexico the complete piano works by Luciano Berio, as well as the Argentinean premiere of Lutoslawski Piano Concerto. Nominated for the Konex Foundation award, she has been nominated for 5 years as Best Classical Music Artist by the Clarín newspaper and has been recognized as "Interpreter of the Year 2000" by the Diario Página 12 (Argentina).


On the death of American pianist Yvar Mikhashoff, Schvartz was declared one of the heirs of his International Piano Tango Collection. Schvartz was the pianist of the quintet CEAMC. From 2009 to the present, she developed the Manos a las Obras project with the violinist Elías Gurevich. Schvartz is a principal professor at the National University of the Arts and regularly teaches master classes and seminars in various Argentine, Uruguay, Brasilian, Chilean, Colombian Universities, SUNY Buffalo (New York), New England Conservatory (Boston). She has recorded for Mode Records (United States), Tempus Clasico (México), Los años luz, Testigo and Untref Sonoro (Argentina).

Sebastián Tellado
Foto 4 - Sebastián Tellado (2020).jpg

Sebastián Tellado

Flute / Executive Director

Born in Buenos Aires, Sebastián Tellado obtained undergraduate diplomas as Flutist and as Orchestra Conductor and postgraduate degrees in Contemporary Music performance at the Manuel de Falla Superior Conservatory of Music, being a disciple of Haydée Schvartz, Patricia Da Dalt and Miguel Gilardi. He obtained  the Bachelor of Musical Arts at the National University of the Arts with the distinction of Summa Cum Laude.

In May 2017, he was appointed for three seasons as curator of the Contemporary Music Cycle at the Argentine  Cervantes Theater.

As a performer, he worked uninterruptedly as 2nd Flute and 2nd Piccolo in the National Symphony Orchestra of Argentina between October 2005 and December 2015. For fifteen years, he was a member of the Duo Eterno Retorno together with guitarist Manuel Moreno, with whom he produced his first record “ Argentine Compositions of the 20th century for flute and guitar”, and released numerous Argentine works. As a conductor, he is main director of the Alberto Ginastera Symphony Orchestra of Morón Conservatory of Music (Buenos Aires State)

His intense teaching activities include seminars on 20th and 21st centuries music performance at various public institutions, as well as holding the  main Professor position in  Music History, in Contemporary Music Performance and in Chamber Music at the Superior Conservatory of Music Manuel de Falla of the City of Buenos Aires.


Since 2008, he is one of the founders and a permanent member of Tropi Ensemble.

Florecia Ciaffone

Florencia Ciaffone


Obtained her degree at the "Manuel de Falla" Superior Conservatory of Music. where she follows Diploma Studies  as Contemporary Music Performer  under the guidance of Elías Gurevich.

In the popular music field, she took part of the Orquesta Escuela de Tango, directed by Maestro Emilio Balcarce, with whom she released the CD "Bien Compadre" in 2003.

She was a member of the CIMAP  ensemble, under the musical direction of the pianist Hilda Herrera, dedicated to the realization and production of arrangements and compositions within the rhythms and forms of popular Argentine music.

Since 2013 she has been a member of the Dívka Trio and since 2015 of the Grin Trio with intense concert activity.

She has been a violin teacher at the “Juan Pedro Esnaola” Higher School of Artistic Education in Music and from 2015 to the present day is Faculty member at the “Manuel de Falla” Conservatory of Music.

Since 2004 she has been first violinist in the National Congress Chamber Orchestra 


She is a permanent member of Tropi Ensemble since its foundation, in 2008.

Manuel Moreno
Manuel Moreno. Guitarra.jpg

Manuel Moreno


Born in Buenos Aires,Manuel Moreno graduated  at the Manuel de Falla Superior Music Conservatory, training throughout his career with the teachers Maria Bello, Eduardo Isaac, Javier Bravo and Haydée Schvartz. 

He has participated in guitar music interpretation courses with the teachers Pablo Márquez, David Russell, Eduardo Fernández and José Luís Rodrigo, among others.

Since 2006 he has formed a chamber duo with the flutist Sebastián Tellado. This duo has become winner in various chamber music competitions and has recently released its first album dedicated to Argentine composers of the 20th century.

In 2006, he obtained the scholarship to attend the XLIX International Course "Music in Compostela" that took place in Santiago de Compostela .

He has made  concerts as a soloist with Argentine Public Radio and Television Orchestra Manuel de Falla Higher Conservatory of Music Orchestra and the National Radio Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Since 2009 he has been a guitar teacher at the Manuel de Falla Conservatory where he is also in charge of coordinating the department of the Guitar career since 2013.

Since June of this year, he has been a member of Nuntempe Ensamble, dedicated to the dissemination of contemporary music for guitar quartet.

He is a permanent  member of Tropi Ensemble since its foundation, in 2008

Alejandro Becerra

Juan Ignacio Zubiaurre


He began his musical studies in Guitar and Cello at the Superior Conservatory of Music of the City. He graduated as a Bachelor of Musical Arts at the National University of the Arts. His teachers were Patricia Pasmanter, Néstor Tedesco and Jorge Pérez Tedesco. He participated in master classes with Tanya Lesinsky Carey (USA – Music Institute of Chicago) and Eduardo Valenzuela (Chile – Universidad Paris 8).

Member of the Contemporary Music Ensemble of DAMus (UNA) directed by Santiago Santero. He regularly participates in productions and concerts: Experimentation Center of the Colón Theater, the Experimentation Center of the Argentino Theater of La Plata (TACEC) and the Contemporary Music Cycles of the General San Martín Theater, the University of San Martín, the Cervantes National Theater and the National Library, CCK; Usina del arte; SODRE Theater (Uruguay), National School (Mexico DF), León de Greiff Auditorium (National University of Colombia), Hall of Honor (University of Chile).

He was a member of several Argentine orchestras, such as the National Symphony Orchestra, the Buenos Aires City Symphony Orchestra, the UNLa Chamber Orchestra, the Colón Theater Orchestral Academy and the Buenos Aires Student Orchestra.

Alejandro Becerra teaches violoncello at the National University for the Arts, at the Manuel de Falla Conservatory , at  the Municipal School of Music "JPEsnaola" and in the Provincial Program of Orchestras-School of the Province of Buenos Aires.

He embraces  teaching the Violoncello in various stages of training,as well as the chamber music performance teaching both classical and contemporary repertoire  and interaction with composers and young performers in the creation of new music. 

He has been a permanent  member of Tropi Ensemble  since 2012.

Constancia Moroni
Constancia Moroni. Clarinete .jpg

Constancia Moroni


Constanza Moroni has studied clarinet at the National Institute of Arts (INSA, General Roca, Río Negro) with Mtro. Santiago Aldana and chamber music with Maestros Ljerko Spiller, Fabrizio Danei, Ricardo Zanón.

Since 2008 she moved to Buenos Aires, where she studied clarinet perfectioning classes with the Masters Guillermo Sánchez, Carlos Céspedes and Federico Landaburu.

She has participated in master classes among which are: Forum Nueva Música (Córdoba) 2015; Chamber music Master Classes dictated by Maestro Jordi Mora (2016).

She has been awarded a grant by the Goethe - Institut Buenos Aires to participate in the International Courses of Contemporary Music in Darmstadt (Germany) 2016.

Constanza Moroni has been a member of various chamber ensembles with which she made various presentations: Pierrot Museum (directed by Carlos Bertazza, Natalia Salinas and Marcelo Delgado), CETC Teatro Colón; Mares y Nostalgias (Songs and poems from Greece), Villa Ocampo; Symphonic Drama “Socrate” by Eric Satie (directed by Sebastián Tellado), Centro Cultural Borges; Guillo Espel quartet; Trio Grin, among others.

In recent years she has been a member of the following organizations: Ensemble in residence for the Diploma in Contemporary Music at the Manuel de Falla Superior Conservatory; Contemporary music seminar at the Universidad Católica Argentina; National Symphonic Band for the Blind Pascual Grisolía (bass clarinet); Lecturer in the Manuel de Falla Superior Conservatory Orchestra. In addition, she is a teacher in the Children's and Youth Orchestras Program of the City of Buenos Aires.

She has been a permanent  member of Tropi Ensemble since its founding in 2008.

Malena Levin
Malena Levin. Piano.jpg

Malena Levin


She graduated from the U.N.A (National University of the Arts) in 2008. She  completed a Diploma in contemporary music at the CSMMF with Haydée Schvartz becoming one of her disciples.

She also studied with Beatriz Tabares and Guillermo Pozzati, and actively participated in master classes with Jordi Mora, Guillermo Opitz, Ida Terkiel, Alessandra Aubert, Lucas Urdampilleta, Ensamble Nikel, Antoine Françoise (Switzerland) and Rei Nakamura (Germany).

She was awarded a scholarship by the National Fund for the Arts and by the Ministry of Culture of the Nation to dictate a Writing and Interpretation workshop in Montevideo, Uruguay.

She played as a soloist and with chamber groups in various venues in Argentina, among the most important the CETC at the Colón Theater, the San Martín Theater, the Teatro Argentino  de la Plata , the Kirchner Cultural Center and the Usina del Arte. Also in Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia, Switzerland and Spain.

She was a member of the Sirius Ensemble under the direction of Pablo Druker, and since 2013 she has been a member of the Trío Dívka and the duo Cuenco del Plata with percussionist Juanita Fernández. Since 2015 she has been part of the Grin Trio together with Constancia Moroni (clarinet) and Florencia Ciaffone (violin). As a teacher, she has taught at UNA since 2008 and since 2019 she works at the Manuel de Falla Superior Conservatory of Music teaching piano and contemporary music interpretation.

She has been a permanent member of Trop Ensemble since 2016.

Juan Denari

Juan Denari


Juan Denari trained with Marina Calzado Linage at the “Astor Piazzolla” Superior Conservatory of Music where he received his degree as a percussion professor. In addition, he studied academic percussion with Marcos Serrano at the National University of the Arts; with Pablo La Porta, Martín Diez and Fabián Keoroglanian at the National University of Lanús; and with Ángel Frette and Arturo Vergara at the Instituto Superior de Arte del Teatro Colón.

He took classes with Jesper Tjaerby Korneliusen (Denmark), Raymond Curfs (Holland), Oliver Mills (Germany), Michael Tschamper (Switzerland), Olivier Perrenoud (Switzerland), Alexej Bröese (Germany), Markus Steckleler (Germany), Dan Moshayev (Israel ), Gerardo Salazar (Chile), Rubén Zuñiga (Chile), Patricio Hernández (Chile / Brazil), Relmu Levalle (Chile) and Carlos Vera Larrucea (Chile), among others.

He studied drums with Marcelo Blanco at the SADEM School of Popular Music and at the “Manuel de Falla” Conservatory of Music, folk percussion with Rubén Lobo and jazz vibraphone with Ezequiel Finger.

He was a member of the National Symphony Orchestra, Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra and Stable Orchestra of the Colón Theater. He was part of the Contemporary Music Ensemble of the DAMus, Oblicua Company and currently in the Ensemble Wonderland!


He participated in theatre plays as well as dance, musicals, opera, classical, contemporary and popular music productions performing at the Teatro Colón, CCK, Usina del Arte, Ciudad Cultural Konex, Paseo La Plaza, Luna Park, La Trastienda, Teatro Coliseo, Avenida, Astral , Presidente Alvear, San Martín, Apolo, Metropólitan, Lola Membrives, Broadway, El Nacional, Opera, Gran Rex, Vorterix, Maipo,(Argentina) and also in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Spain and France.


He has been  a permanent member of Tropi Ensemble  since 2010

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